SUSTAINABILITY is now an integral part of our lives and nowhere in the world is this more relevant than in the UAE, where our Government has taken many measures in recent years to improve sustainability performance, especially within the real estate sector.

Working together as a society to achieve this sustainable outcome is our collective responsibility – one that should not be left to the policymakers alone. Information and education are the key to success in this journey and PS Index is your contribution to this effort

Sheikha Latifa MBM espoused to HH Sheikh Hasher A.J. Al Maktoum Managing Principal, AFAQ

What is PS Index?

PS Index is a database of every-day building products, each with general properties pre-assessed for compliance with mandatory UAE sustainability codes, specifically Estidama, Dubai Green Building Regulations and Al Sa’fat.

Complete with supporting documents required for municipality submission and comments on where each product can and cannot be used, the PS Index smart search engine is the perfect tool to quickly assess the compliance of a product in relation to any project.

Its smart search engine is accessible free-of-charge to anybody with an internet connection.

Who are we?

PS Index is founded and operated by architect and sustainability consultant Kim McLure with support from AFAQ ( The business is built upon 7 years of sustainability consulting in UAE covering thousands of building products across over 200 buildings.

Who uses it?

Because the Dubai sustainability codes apply to all building types and cover design, construction, maintenance and even refurbishment, PS Index is relevant to architects, engineers, asset managers / owners and contractors. Building material suppliers use it as a means of marketing whilst all other stakeholders would use the free search function to find materials suitable for use on their projects.

For a small monthly fee some contractors may also choose to take advantage of the online project eFile where all product data including supporting technical documents is automatically filed and stored to an electronic Site Green Building File, ready for submission at the end of the project. By sharing access with other members of the project team the eFile can also serve as the medium for material procurement approvals either by the project consultant or the contractor’s own in-house specialists.

How is it different to other databases?

  • PS Index is not simply an advertising forum for suppliers. It deals with specific products and has an intelligent search function which advises when and where they can be used under each sustainability code.
  • Unlike green product databases, PS Index recognises that most sustainability codes allow even the most marginal products in certain circumstances. PS Index identifies where ever product can be used, making it a more complete product database with affordable alternatives offering value engineering benefits.
  • Each product page contains technical supporting documents as required for Municipality submission.
  • Each product is issued with a seal which identifies it as having been pre-assessed for sustainability compliance complete with required supporting technical documents. Incorporated within this seal is a unique QR code which allows the User to access those products separately via their Smartphone. These codes can be applied to websites and packaging giving the supplier total control of their own distribution channels.

What are the benefits?

Building Material Suppliers

By registering products on PS Index suppliers receive the following benefits:

  • Independent assessment of each product for all possible DGBR, Al Sa’fat and Estidama credits and scenarios, giving precise information on its compliance and where it can be used.
  • Products do not need to be “green” as the system will show where they may still be used.
  • During assessment we extract all supporting documents required for approval by the project consultant and store them on-line. This only needs to be done once, saving the suppliers hours of work on all future enquiries.
  • Market reach – PS Index database is accessible free-of-charge to all architects, contractors and building managers in the region.
  • For Priority and Premium suppliers a QR code is also generated for each product which can be used to expand market reach via their own packaging and supplier website.


  • Free access to product database and sustainability status of each product.
  • Early access to sustainability information allows more accurate pricing during tender.
  • Value engineering opportunities due to the PS Index method of compliance analysis.
  • Database can be filtered by supplier as well as product name or category.
  • Pre-assessment by PS Index saves weeks in procurement approval time by minimising submission of non-compliant products.
  • Access all supporting technical documents auto-loaded into eFile with each product selected.
  • Immediate access to required supplier documentation creates further savings in procurement time.
  • Data relating to products selected from the database will be automatically loaded, filed and stored ready for DM submission on project completion.
  • Contractors can also allow eFile access to their project consultants for on-line product approvals.
  • No session limit on Favourites folder.


  • Free access to product database and sustainability status of each product.
  • Able to determine which products are compliant and which are not right from the design stage, saving wasted time and effort during construction and avoiding costly variation orders.

How much does it cost?

Funded primarily by contributions from building material suppliers, PS Index is internet based and free of charge to anybody searching for building products. This means that architects and contractors pay nothing for this service.

Each product is given its own mini-website and whilst the cost of the first year is slightly higher to cover product assessment, for 50 products the advertising rate drops to less than one Dirham per product per day!

Suppliers can choose to participate in PS Index on one of two levels – Standard and Premium. Premium supplier’s products are priority listed in every search.

How can you participate?

If you are interested in having your products included in PS Index or would like more information then please contact us at on the information found at bottom of this page.